Right now I'm just delighted to be alive                                                                          and to have a nice long bath.

                                                                                      ~ Sir Richard Branson






Water, the most common chemical compound on earth, can be uniquely effective medicine, healing in the way all true healers do - by stimulating the body's natural immune system to heal itself. We know that drinking water is vital to life - after all, haven't scientists told us that our bodies consist of approximately 60 - 70% water, which must be continually replenished to maintain health.   Our cells are bathed in this "ocean" of body fluids. It surrounds our brain, circulates through our veins and arteries, helps digest our food and fills our cells. All of the chemical reactions which make up metabolism - repairing and replacing cells as well as breaking down the food we eat to creat energy to think and move - happen in this "body ocean." 

The majore electrolytes are sodium, choline, bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium and phosphate. These are the same minerals found in Soap Lake, the Dead Sea and mineral springs and deposits all over the world. When dissolved in water these minerals conduct electrical currents to giving function to our muscles and nerves.

Healing Water Spa will encourage you to drink plenty of water while you're here for your treatments and afterwards. We have built a beautiful whirlpool room for you to explore our extensive menu of mineral salt baths, herbal baths, gem stone baths, and water treatments. You'll find our ever evolving Thalassotherapy Hydrotherapy treatments  listed on our Facebook page: Soap Lakes' Healing Water Spa and Gallery.



Come to the spa and relax!

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