Country living and small town atmosphere have given Jesse the intuitive balance of living that he shares so easily with his clients.

Raised in Eastern Washington and living in Soap Lake for many years he has used the beautiful Columbian Basin as a place to keep himself healthy: hiking, biking, camping, fishing, stargazing, and enjoying mother nature.

Jesse has been a weightlifter since his high school days in Soap Lake, where he graduated.

Jesse has been certified as a personal instructor in Yoga since 2001.

He had the honor of studying under the artful instruction of two locally famous Massage Practitioners, Marie Scheurman and Rosetta Hazan, for over seven years. In 2000, Jesse graduated from Inland Massage Institute in Spokane, Washington. He enjoys helping people succeed in good healthy living.

Jesse is a certified instructor in Dr. John Thie's Touch for Health.

Health is an experience of well being-physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Integrated in the whole person and soul.

Jesse Hannaford, L.M.P


In the mid 1980's, I was introduced to massage by Dr. Ruby Diablos D.C., of Moses Lake, Washington. I had been in an industrial accident and he brought me to Rosetta Hazen, a licensed massage therapist in Soap Lake, Washington. Working together, they were able to restore my injured body. I continued to see them both for several years. In 1990, after many lessons from Rosetta, she invited me to attend a class called Body Balancing by James Minklar. At this class I met another long time Soap Lake massage therapist, Maria Schurman and my journey to be a L.M.P. took a giant leap. Now, looking back I know I've been on a path her since I was very young. The road has been interesting and I am so happy to be here at Healing Water Spa in Soap Lake, Washington.

My parents, Jim and Barbara Richardson, bought a ranch here in 1962 and I moved here with them and my brother, Kevin, in 1970. I attended high school in Soap Lake and served as Soap Lake royalty in 1973. I am married to my high school sweetheart Robert Oie, we have three children: Nels, Tiffany and Thoren. Each are happily married. We have four grandchildren. After raising our children and taking many classes over the years in herbal medicine, massage and energy work I attended Inland Massage Institute in Spokane, Washington in 1997. I worked with Dr. David Ellis D.C. for two years here in Soap Lake and then eight years on my own in Ephrata. I have been the owner of

Healing Waters Spa since 2007.

I love Soap Lake! I consider it an honor to have a business here that offers an increase in knowledge of wellness to each person who comes through our door.

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Bridgett Ann Oie, LMP/Owner

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