Knee to Toe Massage

Knee-to-toe massage incorporates a variety of styles, including Reflexology, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

20 minutes - $25

30 minutes - $40

​40 minutes - $50

Trigger Point Massage

The ultimate massage for a client in pain who appreciates deeper pressure and wants results. This style of massage hones in on shortend, irritable segments in muscles known as "myofascial trigger points" which cause complex pain patterns and tie up our energy. As these points are held to facilitate their release, muscles soften and lengthen, energy returns and pain dissipates.

60 minutes - $70

​90 minutes - $95

Pregnancy Massage

Expecting mothers have unique health challenges and we love to give you the care you deserve, starting with a combination of cushions and bolsters to comfortably accommodate your fuller shape. Utilizing a variety of bodywork techniques, your therapist will help relieve the difficulties of pregnancy, such as aches, swelling, stress, and fatigue. You'll leave feeling lighter and more at ease in your body.

60 minutes - $70

90 minutes - $100

Wellness Kinesiology (1 to 2 hour Treatments)

This form of massage links certain muscles with specific organs, vascular and lymphatic systems through acupressure meridians. Blood and lymph flow, organ function, hormonal balance, posture and mental clarity are all intricately connected. By linking these systems for energy flow and balance, body and mind can be improved. ( Jesse Hannaford is Healing Water Spa's certified Touch for Health Instructor.



A relaxing, soothing massage with gliding strokes and rhythmic kneading that utilizes light to medium pressure. Ideal for stress relief. 

60 minutes- $70 

90 minutes- $90

Deep Tissue

Penetrating massage aimed at releasing deep muscle spasms, relieving pain, and alleviating dysfunction with slow, even pressure.

 60 minutes - $70

 90 minutes - $100


Massage Prices and Descriptions. 

Our talented therapists employ a variety of massage techniques from a wide variety of massage and massage related treatment modalities in order to optimally address each clients needs. All full body massages include a complimentary Chi Machine or Bio Mat session. We suggest arriving early to take advantage of these before your treatment. 

The Chi Machine and the Bio Mat will prepare your body for your massage and make the experience much more relaxing for you while you receive your massage.

Complimentary Reiki Sessions with each Massage

with Bridgett Oie

Reiki is a holistic, gentle, hands-on energy healing technique that helps

develop physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and wholeness.

Reiki aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep levels

of relaxation. It helps to increase the body's natural ability to repair and 

regenerate itself leading to a greater level of health. Reiki complements

and enhances all forms of standard and alternative medical treatment. It is being practiced in hospitals, clinics

and hospices around the world. There is nothing you must believe in in order to learn, use or receive Reiki. As a Reiki Master my personal belief is that Reiki is received by all my massage clients. It's a gift from the universe.

Couples Massage - Side by Side in our cozy fireplace room

Perfect for two friends or a couple who like to enjoy the good things in life side by side. Performed in a private room with two tables and two therapists. Take your pick of Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone. (Price is the sum of two individual massages)

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, round, heated river stones are used to work out knots and deliver penetrating warmth to tight and sore muscles. Stones are also placed on key points to stimulate energy flow. Asian medicine views pain as resulting from stagnation in the movement of blood and energy through the body. Heat encourages movement and helps these stagnant areas open up. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage.

90 minutes - $120

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