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Tyler Anderson

Dear Bridgett Oie

    In our family we have a long history of acne problems. For my brother, he had constant issues with it on his face and back, nothing he tried stopped it. He finally used Accutane which took away the acne but also destroyed his complexion and left his face dried out and peeling even with constant hydration. About a year later I started having the same issues. I tried Proactive, Clearasil, and countless other popular brands but none of them did the job. Knowing Accutane wouldn't work there seemed like there were no solutions until my grandmother, Jane Montaney's,  bought a bar of Soap Lake soap.

    I had been in Soap Lake a lot of times and knew about its healing and disinfectant properties. After about a week of using it I saw results. I now enjoy clear skin and my Soap Lake soap has replaced my everyday soap. I wash my face, body and hands with the soap on a regular basis in place of other skin creams and it works great. 

    I don't actually know which soap it is. My grandma always buys it. I've tried a variety and I like them all. I've also used the Mud Butter, anytime I get a gash or cut, in place of Neosporin. Glad I could help. I just wish more people knew about these items. I have a couple friends I've given soap too and its worked for them all.

                                                                                                                       Yours Truly

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